Possession of Child Pornography

When it comes to crimes that elicit immediate public outcry and outrage, it is hard to think of something more inflammatory than that of child pornography. Being charged with the production, possession, or distribution of child pornography is taking extremely seriously by the courts, and is punished harshly and severely. And while there are many instances where this punishment is roundly deserved, there are also instances where the crime is a bit hazier. Opening upon the wrong email, for example, with an attachment that you didn’t realize was there, or even receiving a text message that included questionable material not solicited or expected by you, can land you in hot water.

It is quite possible for someone to accidentally come into possession of what is deemed child pornography without any intent on the part of the defendant in question. In these cases, you could be charged with severe penalties including time in prison and incredibly expensive fines in addition to criminal charges. It is vitally important that if you are being investigated with possession of child pornography, you seek out an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. There genuinely is no time to waste in these cases, and your freedom could hinge upon just how quickly you act.

Defending Against Charges of Child Pornography

Brian G. Hiatt is an experienced attorney who understands the ins and outs of the legal system. He passionately defends the rights of his clients and upholds their best interests. This is true even in cases that involve sex crimes involving children. These are some of the most difficult crimes to defend against thanks to the intense and immediately negative public scrutiny that the defendant will find themselves under once the investigation becomes public.

Hiatt provides clients with a non-judgmental atmosphere in which to explain the circumstances regarding their current situation. He is not here to cast moral judgment, but rather to ensure that you receive the best possible defense regardless of the exact crime in question. With this in mind, Hiatt works hard to uncover additional information regarding the charges so that he can defend you vigorously in court and refute the prosecution’s argument. He will also scrutinize every aspect of your case and your interactions with law enforcement to ensure that your rights have not been violated.

Know that if you fail to involve an experienced attorney, you could very well face charges that change the rest of your life. Your reputation, your family, and your ability to live a normal life in the future are all in jeopardy when charges involving child pornography are involved. Reach out quickly to receive the most competent defense possible.

What constitutes child pornography?

There is a bit of confusion regarding what, exactly constitutes child pornography. In general, child pornography is the visual depiction of individuals who are under eighteen (18) years of age and are involved in any activity that is of a sexual nature. This might include images that involve the minors in question involved in erotic or lewd behavior, or it might include images that were clearly meant to be sexual in nature. Do not think that the actual image is the only thing that can get you in trouble, however, as there are a wide variety of crimes that are related to child pornography. Some of them include:

  • Exchanging sexually explicit images or text messages with a minor, or encouraging said minor to send sexually explicit images.
  • Possessing images of a sexual nature involving minors, either digitally or in hard copy.
  • Sending or downloading material that might be classified as child pornography.

Note that the above is not an exhaustive list, but rather a simple guide meant to show just how quickly individuals can find themselves in trouble.

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