Internet Crimes


As technological advancements march forward, the laws governing Internet-related crimes have exploded. New forms of crime have cropped up in recent years. State and federal governments aggressively prosecute many types of Internet-related offenses. In fact, the Illinois State Police houses an Internet Crimes Unit devoted exclusively to investigating such offenses.

Standing up to these charges requires in-depth knowledge of this steadily evolving area of law. Brian Hiatt, an Internet crime defense lawyer in Kankakee, possesses the legal knowledge, skills and experience to effectively defend those faced with such charges. He remains on top of the latest legal developments, and he is well-versed in handling cases in both state and federal court.

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Types Of Internet Crimes

Many types of state and federal charges fall into the category of Internet-related crimes. Some online activities that seem harmless may in fact carry serious potential penalties.

Mr. Hiatt handles all types of Internet-related crime charges, including:

  • Cyber-bullying
  • Cyber-stalking
  • Cyber-harassment
  • Possession or transmission of child pornography
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Hacking
  • eBay fraud
  • Identity theft and “phishing”
  • Piracy and criminal copyright infringement

Challenging these charges often requires a focused and strategic approach. Computer forensic experts may be necessary to counter the prosecution’s evidence. Additionally, as with other types of criminal cases, trial preparation is a key ingredient to a successful outcome.

Mr. Hiatt understands the importance of thorough trial preparation. You can rely on him to explore all possible strategies for building a solid defense. He will make sure that your case proceeds on the strongest footing available.

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He will also walk you through what to expect throughout the process. And as a solo practitioner, he is easy to reach. You can feel comfortable turning to him anytime with questions or concerns.

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