Criminal Defense Law

In few other areas of law are the stakes as high as in criminal defense. Your rights and fundamental liberties hang in the balance. The immense power of the government can drastically alter the course of your life and future.

Fortunately, you do not have to tackle criminal charges on your own. Brian Hiatt, a criminal law attorney in Kankakee County, Illinois, offers experienced representation for those facing all types of state or federal charges. For more than 15 years, he has stood up for the constitutional rights of clients. He will be a strong advocate for you as well.

Are you facing criminal charges in Kankakee or the surrounding areas? It is to your benefit to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after you were arrested or charged with a crime.

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Strategic Trial Preparation

Just like in sports, the best defense in criminal cases is a good offense. Diligent trial preparation is a key to outsmarting the opponent.

Mr. Hiatt is always prepared for all aspects of trial, including pretrial motions, jury selection, opening and closing arguments, and witness examination. He will be familiar with all the evidence. He will anticipate what every witness is going to say. He will be prepared for any contingencies or unexpected developments.

Types Of Charges

Mr. Hiatt is skilled at handling all types of criminal charges, including:

  • DUIs involving alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medications
  • Federal crimes such as tax evasion, money laundering and gun crimes
  • Drug crimes ranging from simple possession to manufacturing, trafficking and conspiracy
  • Sex offenses such as sexual assault, statutory rape and sex offender registration violations
  • White collar crimes involving state or federal charges such as fraud, embezzlement or theft
  • Internet crimes such as cyber-stalking, identity theft and possession of child pornography
  • Violent crimes such as assault, burglary, armed robbery and weapons offenses
  • Homicide ranging from manslaughter to first-degree murder
  • Criminal appeals at the state or federal level

Whatever type of state or federal charge you are facing, you can rely on Mr. Hiatt to take your case as seriously as you do.

Call defense lawyer Brian Hiatt at 815-304-5441 or contact him online to arrange a free consultation.